1. D

    Charachter Detection in the text and counting them

    Hello Everyone. In the following table I gave some example texts. For the "Correction Work" tasks, I need to find the number of the works which is written the same tasks without "Correction Work" So for your better understanding I wrote manually what result should formula give us in the column...
  2. U

    How can I arrange data in Ms Excel?

    The attached workbook has data in different worksheets that need to be aligned to correspond to each contiguous rows from one sheet to another to enable my formula to make accurate analyses. I need each name on each worksheet in the workbook to be in the same corresponding column and rows along...
  3. A

    IF Statement for a negative range

    Score Range 5 -30% 4 -10% to -29% 3 +10% to -9% 2 +11% to +29% 1 >30%;High Hello, I need to test the above mentioned criteria for a set of values(in percent). Could...
  4. S

    how to repeat column B names. Is there any another way rather than dragging the cells?

    Please help me that how can we repeat column B names (vamsi and suresh) until cell value = EOH12 (column A). A column I B column E0H11 vamsi E0H24 suresh E0H01 (Repeat here) E0H54 (Repeat here) EOH12 (Repeat...
  5. R

    Automatic MsExcel file publication on a specific WEB site

    I have an always open MsExcel file that updates automatically I would need a macro or VB command that publishes an area of this MsExcel sheet on a WEB page (with USER ID and PASSWORD to access) with an interval of 1 minute. Thank you for your precious help. Roberto Giussani
  6. V

    How to Delete Excel Tabs where there is less than 2 rows of Data

    Hi, I've been successfully able to delete all excel tabs where there are 0 rows of data in it using the code below: Sub DelMT() Dim ws As Worksheet Application.DisplayAlerts = False For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets If Application.CountA(ws.Cells) = 0 Then ws.Delete Next ws...
  7. S

    to find a word or text or formula (inside a cell)& to show or hide a range of rows/columns

    Hi, 1. I need to find a word or text or formula (inside a cell) 2. To show or hide a range of rows/columns. Thanks in advance, Sridhar.S
  8. E

    Start a Macro from an "IF" Function

    Hello, I have a formatting Macro I would like to be able to trigger automatically as soon as some numerical values populate the to be formatted columns. Is it possible? How can I do ? Emile

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