msgbox truble

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    Msgbox prompted by change in value of certain cells

    Hi guys I'm having a little trouble getting a macro to work in the way i intend. I want a msgbox to pop up when the value of certain cells in a column are greater than one. I've found a number of codes that *Almost* work but they seem to be based on a range e.g A1:A5... what I'd be after is for...
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    How to kill message boxes automatically

    Hi! Is there a short simple code for killing off message boxes that appear? I mean something similar to "Application.ScreenUpdating = False" that you can put in the beginning of your code. The ones I get are "Do you want to replace the values with the values you're moving?" and "Do you want to...
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    Question about msgBox

    I'm trying to create a form using msgBox function with a Yes No option. When user clicks "Yes" in the msgBox I want a certain value appear on an specific cell in the spreadsheet. So far I got: Select Case Response Case Is = vbYes then something to make the value I want appear on the cell I...
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    msgbox truble

    The first code asociate a Sheet have a problem, is not posible close the msgbox. Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Target.ClearContents MsgBox "You just changed " & Target.Address End Sub Thank you

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