mulitple criteria

  1. J

    How to Look up account number in one sheet and compute total work hours from multiple workorders

    I am very new to excel and have been working on this problem for 10 hours but can not seem to a understand vlookup and sumif, and how to properly apply if. Have a spreadsheet with two sheets named Customers and WorkOrderTime. Need to compute total hours worked for each account by matching the...
  2. E

    Nested IF Statement multiple condtions

    Hi can anyone help with this one I working on a stats sheet and I have people with 2 different scores and a table for reference that gives them the ranking value. I'm not sure nested if are the way to go so any suggestions are welcome A1 A2 A3 A4 Agent Name Score 1 Score 2 Rating...
  3. S

    SumIf multiple criteria from diferent colums are met

    Hello all, I need help with following thing. To sum value in 4th column if values in 2nd and 3rd are identical. To express my self with tables so it gets more clear. I would like this : <tbody> Unique ID Product Code Origin Quantity 130 4601 US 1 200 2700 GB 3 205 2700 CA 1 101 4600...
  4. T

    How to use one master sheet to delete rows from weekly updates

    My title sounds confusing. Essentially, I have a list of products that I pull weekly from a database and it contains all the products, active and discontinued. When I'm doing inventory ordering, I'd like to use a master "discontinued" list to filter out all the product that is no longer...
  5. K

    Excel formula to VBA code

    I am trying to understand how to write the following code in VBA rather than use the following formula which does work. Column A formula: =IF(AND(F2="Red\Recurring",B2="No"),"delete row",IF(AND(F2="Blue\Recurring",B2="No"),"delete row",IF(AND(F2="Yellow\Recurring",B2="No"),"delete row","ok")))...
  6. P

    Macro to Identify column wise data based on multiple user defined criteria on a different sheet

    Hi, I have 3 worksheets in a workbook. The first sheet is the "Input" Sheet, the second sheet is the "Calculation" sheet and the third is "Data" sheet. The user can select 3 criteria on the input sheet from predetermined drop downs. The first drop down is the service year – Year 1,2,3 only. the...
  7. S

    Multiple Criteria Look up Text result

    So basically I am looking to build a formula that would take this information and return a text value. if it could work anything like this sumproduct formula to bring back text that would be awesome: <CODE>=SUMPRODUCT(--(A1:A10="7654321"),--(B1:B10="ABCDE"),--(C1:C10="3"),D1:D10) But instead...
  8. P

    Insert values into multiple cells

    Hi Guys, Hope you can help me out with a problem I am having, still fairly new to VBA! I have a User form with a ComboBox "SKUNumberComboBox" which has a list of SKU Numbers and I have a Date Picker "DTPicker1" were I can pick a date and I also have a TextBox "ExtraDaysTextBox" were I enter...
  9. R

    One column of data with multiple criteria dependent upon row position.

    I need to count the number of instances when the term "Three cameras" or "Four cameras" shows up and when the term "Standard camera" shows up 3 rows prior and multiply the respective array "3 or 4" to get a final standard camera count. The data structure can not change An example would be...
  10. C

    Require data from multiple columns using 2 spreadsheets

    Hi all I need your help! I have 2 spreadsheets in the same file and need to take some data from Sheet 1 into sheet 2 based on 2 columns of critieria: Sheet 1 contains: Employee Date Location Smith John 21/02/2011 London Doe, John 03/01/2011 Birmingham Bloggs, Joe...
  11. G

    SumIf/IfStatements: Referencing more them one attribute

    Hi all, just wondering if any one can help with my If statement dilemma. I'm creating a stock tracking excel for my company and have run into a issues when writing an if statement which is reference more then on attribute on the worksheet. So far I have Created a input form in which...
  12. R

    Formula help needed- multiple sheets & criteria

    Example of what I need: Columns: A- Qty G- $ x 1.15 I- 135 / Qty J- 85 / Qty K- 60 / Qty L- $ x 1.15 N- $ per each O- Total $ I need to be able to key in a number in the cells above, have the keyed in number displayed in the cell and for the formulas to be used with the results put on another...
  13. J

    Opening multiple forms based on related tables

    All, I receive an input box asking for parameter values every time i have more than one form open which rely on a query with criteria links to their respective forms. The forms are not the same, each one reports some different subset of information, but each generally rely on the same tables...
  14. E

    Multiple dependant list boxes (and a bit more!)

    Hi all, This is my first post so be gentle!! If you don't want to read the background, please feel free to skip to the 2 bullet points at the end which is what I am really after. I am trying to set up a data analysis / reporting 'engine' @ work and I am struggling with part of it - I will...
  15. I

    Formula based column B return A in list format

    Hello I am very inexperienced with Excel. I am hoping that someone can give me some help. How do a create a list based on frequency without blanks. "Daily duties", "Weekly Duties"? What I have is a worksheet (Duties-Alpha) This has column A Duty, Column B Frequency, Column C Responsible Pary...

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