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    VBA Userform: Sending data to specific Sheet depending on which Option Button selected

    Hi all :) I'm pretty new to all this so hope someone can help me. I have a userform set up which initially asks for ComboBox1 (Cmb1) and TextBox1 (Txt1) to be filled in. Then I have two option buttons. OptonButton1 (Opt1) brings up TextBoxes 2, 3 and 4 (Txt2, Txt3, Txt4) OptionButton2 (Opt2)...
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    Min Function across multiple worksheet and associated worksheet title for clarification

    Hello All, So i'm inputting statistical information for my fantasy football team to gain an edge on my defensive team since i couldn't snag one of the top defenses. ESPN has great statistical data that I've inputted into a workbook in excel. So now what i'm trying to do is organize the...
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    Posting images depending on cell value

    Hello, thanks in advance for your help!! I am trying to use a master menu (for my food service operation) sheet to collect information about menu items and then transfer them to individual station menus. I have most of it figured out, I need to use a check box,(mark here for vegan, mark here...

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