multicolumn listbox

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    Fill a multicoulmn Listbox with with matching data from 13 coulmns worksheet range using 4 Criteria matchs

    Hi all require some help with this one. I am try to fill a list box on a userform that would have 13 columns per added items (yes I know you can only set it to 10) from data obtained from a 4 criteria match to a worksheet range. When all 4 criteria are matched in a per row searched it obtains...
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    Excel Offset Printing Incorrectly

    I have a UserForm that takes data from a Multicolumn Listbox and inputs the selected data to an Excel sheet. I have the sheet and row to input the data correct but can not get the column to print correctly. I have changed column values including: 0, 1, 2, 3. Using 0 it returns in column A...
  3. J

    Writing multicolumn listbox values into a spreadsheet...

    Ok so my end game here is to take whatever "row" is selected in the listbox and drop its values into a spreadsheet... The values will always drop into the same locations so that is given. Private Sub btnBlah_Click() Dim blahvba() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws =...
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    Find Index of Multi Col listbox and write to cell

    I have a list box created thusly 'Populate Jurisdiction With Me.ListBox _Jurisdiction .ColumnCount = 2 For i = 1 To 35 .AddItem Range("Tables!C2:C36").Cells(i, 1).Value .List(.ListCount - 1, 1) = Range("Tables!D2:D36").Cells(i, 1).Value...
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    Search and List results

    Hi All, I am fairly new to VBA and am trying to create a automated spreadsheet to record and display. I have managed so far to source and amend codes accordingly todo this but I have hit a wall. As part of the spreadsheet I would like to include an issues log, whereby all problems that have...
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    Populate multicolumn listbox from array of unknown size

    To preface: I've been able to go from knowing next to nothing about VBA to being fairly competent just by reading these forums. I've never needed to do more than search, until now... I have a listbox in a userform that I am trying to populate from a range of data in an excel worksheet. To...
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    VBA Form - MultiColumn ListBox

    Hi, I am trying to populate a multicolumn listbox on a form from the same workbook as the form is in. Here's what I have. 'define ranges Dim SourceData As Range Dim FundCount As Range Dim records As Integer Worksheets("clientlist").Select Range("S1").Select Range(Selection...
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    Multicolumn Listbox

    I would like a script that would find all values in column A based on the value typed in textbox1 and then would put the cell value in column 1 of listbox1 and the cell address in column 2 of listbox1. Can someone please help.
  9. W

    sort listbox by 2nd column

    Hi there, I've found the following code elsewhere; it sorts a multicolumn listbox in ascending order, based on the values in column 1. It works fine, but I'd like the code to be adapted so that it sorts the listbox based on the values in column 2. I´d be very happy if anyone could help me with...
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    filter listbox based on value in column 5

    Hi there, I have a macro that searches the active worksheet and copies all full and partial matches to a listbox. After this is done, I'd Like to enable users to further filter the results - if a checkbox is selected, only rows in the listbox with "admitted" in column 5 should remain, while...

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