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    VLOOKUP Trouble w/ data from Multiline Textbox

    So I need some help with some VBA code. I am pretty much brand new to VBA, let alone coding, and you fine people of MrExcel have been my saviors over the past week. The goal of my macro is to grab a variable amount of ID numbers (anywhere from 1 – 30) and to paste them in a column of another...
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    Multiple Line Text Box to Multiple Rows in WS

    I have a basic Userform order entry in which I input the following data: Date Customer Ship To Address Purchase Order # Parts ordered Expected Ship Date Name Of Person Entering Data I have created the basic functional userform, but as it stands now I can only input a single "part" ("Parts...
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    Passing Multiline textbox to one cell

    Hi guys, I am using a userform which has a textbox which I have set to multiline so that the user can enter several lines of text all in the same textbox. This text then needs to be copied to a cell in Excel. My problem is that when I do this the carriage return squares appear at the end of...

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