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    Can I store multiline text in macro and paste it as plain text?

    Hi! Can I store a multiline text which contains formulas and text and use a macro that will activate the A1 cell and then paste the multiline text? Thanks!
  2. M

    Lookup Help

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs. 1 tab contains multiline values (column A) and it's master name (column B) The other tab has split out those multiline values into separate rows What I now want to do is look up the master name in the split out sheet but I can't figure out a way to...
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    What does this mean in VBA?

    Hello I generated a macro through the recorder and it generated the following code: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "§ 4,795.............. What does the =_ mean? Also, is it possible to use multiline text/code for the ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 ? Thanks!
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    Manualy insert multiline-text in Word Labels Template from VBA Excel

    Hello :) The idea : 1 Select data : The Macro open a FilePicker to select the file.xls where the data (adresses) are. Then you choose the sheet and manualy put the columne into B4. 2 Launch : Get the data from the file/sheet/column specified in B2-B4. Then generate a Word document from Label...
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    Split multiline text to two column retaining the multiline row structure

    Hi, My data looks like this (two rows, one column) apple [fruit] orange [color] grapes [sour] banana [yellow] mango [sweet] I want to convert them into (two rows, two column) as below apple --------- fruit orange ------- color grapes ------- sour banana ------- yellow mango -------- sweet...
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    ActiveX text box bug: Multi-line property shrinks font when typing

    I have Office 2013, and have an Excel inspection form our technicians are going to be filling out in the field on tablets. There is a section for Notes that they can enter free text, and I've used an ActiveX text box for that purpose. But if I set the property "Multiline" to true, the font...
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    Search string segments in multiline text and return rows on seperate sheet

    My problem goes like this, The sheet above is a section of a maintenance schedule for a machinery. tasks based on the schedule are assigned to the mechanics as cards (based on card Reference Column C). the first set of characters before the hyphen...
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    Retrieve Textbox Value

    I have a textbox which is a multiline textbox and has 10 lines of text. My question is, how do I retrieve only the value from line 10 into another textbox, i.e. retrieve the 10th line value of textbox1 into textbox2. Thanks.:confused::confused::confused:
  9. B

    User Form - Show Multilines

    I have a userform. I'm getting some info and write all this infos to column A down by down... and there is another text box which is reading all infos in column A. But I don't know how to show all info down by down as inserted in column A. I already changed textbox MultiLine as True. Please...

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