multiple active workbooks

  1. W

    VBA to Vlookup from another workbook into multiple tabs

    I have a master workbook with a bunch of question and answers (Columns A-B) and I receive excel questionnaires that have several tabs of questions to answer (questions in column A, blanks for answers in column B). To save time, I am looking for a macro code to add to the blank questionnaire to...
  2. C

    Copy data automatically from multiple sheets

    Hello. Glad to find this forum!!! I have about 38 users each with one excel workbook that contains the 3 sheets. I would like to create a MASTER Workbook where I can have the 3 tabs and that can automatically update the information inserted in each workbook. for example if one of the tabs is...
  3. C

    Activate a sheet in a sub that is defined Within another sub

    Hey Guys, I am trying to create a code that does multiple filters and copies data depending on items from a sheet. There are two sheets; one IPSWB where it contains the Parts to be filtered, and the other is ACSWB where the logic is derived from for filtering. My Issue arises when I need to...
  4. C

    Beginner Question - Sheets I'm editing become inactive until I click another sheet or workbook (Intermittent)

    Hi there, everyone! I just registered to the forum to ask about something that has been mildly inconvenient for a few months now. I'm a bit of a beginner, but I've committed to getting better at using Excel going forward (including starting a training course). So, here's what I've got: I...
  5. dreen

    How can I select a Specific Cell and execute a function in another cell if it is found

    I want to be able to check (This is the first With statement) if a certain cell value ("H4" in this example) in the open worksheet (I refer to this worksheet as Sheet1 as it is Sheet1 in my workbook) where the code is being written (what is the proper naming scheme for this worksheet where the...
  6. R

    VBA: Find matches in other workbooks for a list of values

    Hi I have very little experience in VBA but need to puttogether some code to save me a great deal of time. To set the scene: Each day I get a list of style numbers for products. I have to check each style number against acollection of other workbooks and copy the corresponding row(s) to a...
  7. R

    Trouble navigating Workbooks/Multiple functions in Sub()

    I have declared my variable to make sense of the below at the top. However, once the TemplateFile section has run, I cannot get VBA to get back to Account workbook, navigate to the Records spreadsheet and then select the used range to sort them using the control + shift + down method and control...
  8. S

    VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH... What do I use for this scenario?

    I have two separate workbooks that include one spreadsheet of data each. One is a lists of all of our B2B customer information - Customer ID, Business Name, Individual Name, and Email Address. We will call this spreadsheet Customer Data. The second spreadsheet, located in a different workbook...
  9. S

    Excel VBA to hide rows based on cell value across multiple sheets

    I am attempting to write excel VBA to hide blank rows across multiple worksheets based on cell value in Column A. Sheet 1 is where I use formulas to populate the rest of the sheets so this sheet will need to be excluded from the VBA. Sheet 2-5 are identical in terms of last names displayed and...
  10. B

    Copy and Paste Between Multiple Sheets

    I am trying to create a macro that consolidates multiple excel spreadsheets. Now this macro will be ran everyday so the save date varies and the spreadsheets that I am copying are in a share drive. My approach to doing this was to open a new spreadsheet save it as today's date and call the other...
  11. J

    Executing macros in multiple workbooks with the same name

    I am new to writing macros in Excel and have no VBA experience or training. I have created a macro to copy data from one worksheet, where data is updated regularly via DDE, to another worksheet where the data is copied as inserted values. So over a day, I have a cumulative list of data retrieved...
  12. K

    VBA Loop to Copy Multiple Worksheets into PowerPoint

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to get the loop below to work correctly so would appreciate any help. :confused: Essentially the loop needs to look in each worksheet and if there's a '1' in cell S1 to then copy & paste the range 'Print_Area' into a blank PowerPoint slide with a slide for each...
  13. R

    Open all password protected Workbooks in a folder, then save with new password

    Hello, I have never used this or any forum before, so please bear with me. I have seen several very similar questions, but am not finding the specific answer I am in need of. May I ask, what VBA code would you use to open all of the workbooks in one network location that are currently password...
  14. D

    Copying multiple workbooks to multiple workbooks

    I have hundreds of workbook that contain data that have to be pasted onto respective workbooks and I wrote 4 modules. Sub AllFiles() Dim folderPath As String Dim filename As String Dim wb As Workbook folderPath = "C:\Users\HKIEd\Downloads" 'change to suit If...
  15. W

    When multiple workbooks are open, this macro doesn't work properly at all!

    I hope you're still around Tetra. :eeek: If we run this macro below with only ONE file open it works perfectly! If multiple files are open, then the filename doesn't get created (i.e. -.csv vs. TueNov01-61.csv), it's doesn't close as it should and it invariably only processes about a 3rd of...

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