multiple axes

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    custom radar chart w/multiple axes

    I'm looking for a custom radar chart w/multiple axes. I found an add-in here by Tushar Mehta: However, while I can get the add-in installed as far as making my Excel 2007 ribbon show a new tab called "TM", when I select that...
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    Radar Chart - multiple axes with user defined scales

    Hi, Has anyone developed a radar chart whereby you can have multiple axes, multiple scales and specify which way the scale runs ? I am a VBA programmer but would rather receive a macro/add-in rather than develop it myself. Thanks Peter
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    Creating A Chart Showing Magnitude (2 X-Axis)

    Hi, I am trying to create a chart that shows the magnitude (first X axis) of a weighted average (Y axis) per Unit (second X axis). It needs to visually show the weighted average over time. Can you individually stretch each bar on a bar graph to show individual magnitudes? Thanks for all your...
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    graph drastically different values

    I want to create a graph to show possible relationships between sets of data that have very different quantities, for example, US population (in the hundreds of thousands) and other data sets with values that may range from 0 to 100 (call this one B), and another with a range of 1000 to 50000...

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