multiple data sources

  1. V

    Dependent Data Validation List from Different worksheets

    Hi! I am building a document which has several dependent variables. The document is so structured that values are pulled in different cells based on other cell values. While I have been successful in implementing most of the requirements, there is one place I am stuck at. I need to form...
  2. V

    Speeding up slicer sync w/multiple data sources

    I have an identical situation to what Mr. Jerry Sullivan has solved in this previous thread: pivot table question (and in turn, this: Pivot Table- "Master" Report Filter). I have a button that initiates the vba to sync all slicers and their respective pivot tables located in a "filtered tables"...
  3. S

    Can I use 2 data sources from the same Workbook in one formula?

    I currently have a Workbook with two datasources, "Test Cases", "Defects" (these are generated from an external system so I can't modify or combine the original datasources) The "Test Case" datasource provides information about Test Cases including the Status, The associated Defect number(s)...
  4. ericaindallas

    How do I link data in multiple sheets to 1 pivot table in the same workbook?

    I have four worksheets in the same workbook and I would like to create one pivot table that includes the data from the four worksheets. Among the four worksheets the field headers are inconsistent and some worksheets have more fields than others. I know pivot tables enough to know the field...

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