multiple events

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    2 change events in one column

    Hi, I have an excel file in which in one single column multiple change events are happening. For example on the basis of change in value in cell B9 some code needs to be run and then the basis of value in B10 some code needs to be run but I am not able to keep this 2 events separately. Can you...
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    Copy and Paste Multiple Cells

    I could really use some assistance to complete this macro. So far, I have a code that will review the value of a cell and insert a row on a following sheet. Sub AddRows() Dim i As Long Dim j As Long Dim k As Long Dim l As Long For i = 1 To 200 If Sheets("S&S Build").Cells(i, 28) = 4 Then...
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    More than one event in workbook object?

    Hey guys, This may be a dumb question because I've been looking for an answer all over the internet and can't find the problem mentioned anywhere. I'm relatively new to Excel VBA though, and I'm trying to create two events for a single workbook. Is this possible? I have one workbook open...

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