multiple excel files

  1. B

    Combining Multiple Books and removing some rows

    Hi, I've been looking for a solution to my problem for quite some time and am nearly there. The script I have compiles all workbook sheets in a directory into one workbook. Unfortunately the data I have (over 200 workbooks) has a few extra rows at the start of each sheet I need to get rid of for...
  2. S

    Pull info from multiple workbooks to generate a report

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and to VBA in general, I was hoping to get some assistance as I'm a complete novice. I have a folder on a Network drive that we house multiple .xlsm files in. The files itself are all the same and very basic. B2:B4 have title fields and C2:C19 have data fields...
  3. W

    Workbook open and executing two different macro excel files

    I have two excel files that run macros upon opening. I have an additional "dummy" excel file with the following codes: Private Sub Workbook_Open() If InStr(1, ThisWorkbook.Name, "NoRun") > 0 Then Range("C6").Select 'Do nothing so the macro won't run...
  4. K

    Changing several cells with a series in multiple excel files.

    Hi, I want to change 1048575 cells with a series of digits starting with one in 1000 documents so that document 1 starts with 1 and the last one is 1048575000 column B. Answers are greatly appreciated. Kat
  5. S

    Is it possible to cross reference multiple Excel Documents?

    Essentially, we have one master Excel sheet for forecasting. There are 6 account managers that fill in their incoming and projected work in their own spreadsheets, all in the same format/columns and information. We need the master spreadsheet to gather data from the other excel documents for...
  6. R

    How to search and open multiple excel file using vb

    Hi, i'm still REALLY novice in this field and needs your help to solve my problem. i want to create system that can search and open 1 excel file from multiple excel file.Since there are too many excel file, i create a database(using excel) which list all the excel file and sorting it by...
  7. Victtor

    external excel data macro

    I need to create a file that when I click on a combo button, this macro command will: 1. search in the specified folder 2. open a source file 3. copy the data it needs 4. paste the data into the original file 5. close the source file. I need to be able to name the file directory on the...

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