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    How to include file names while merging multiple files through VBA

    Hey, there! I am trying to merge about 400 excel files into one master file, which I have been able to successfully do. HOWEVER, I also want the first column to include all the file names corresponding to the data. Can anybody help with that? I am quite new to VBA and trying really hard to...
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    Trouble with merging Data in one Excell

    Hi, Today I have tried to set up a VBA code in Excel to merge multiple data into one Excel-file. I have a Test folder with multiple Excel files and i want to read multiple cells from each file into one New Excel file. Below an overview of the code. Where I get stuck is reading the multiple...
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    Multiple files into one BUT different tabs

    I would like to pull multiple one tab reports into a single file BUT I want each of the files on its own tab I have report that I pull from a another system into an excel sheet. Each day I save this file with that days date. The file has the same headers but the data changes. I have several...
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    How to create multiple files?

    Dear All, I have a following dilemma: I need to create multiple files from a single file while automatically changing one cell. the file is called "Property1 20100931" Sheet1!J3 contains date let's say 9/31/2010 I need to create 30 files with decreasing date i.e. changing DATE in Sheet1!J3...

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