multiple if statements

  1. reneev

    Multiple If Statements (Between)

    I'm trying to make a formula that basically says if this number (4.57) is between B and C, then pull in A. Since there is more than 7 options, a regular IFTHAN statement won't work. I just can't think anymore and need help. <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C 0 - 6 mo 0 0.5...
  2. S

    If - multiple criteria for "then" statement - do without loop error

    Even with all the help I've received on this forum, this code is practically finished, but I'm getting the "LOOP WITHOUT DO" error. And I know what that means, I just don't know where in the code the error is being triggered. There are literally no articles I can find commenting on this many...
  3. P

    Multiple if statement formulas

    I'm using this formula: =IF(D10>29,$D$3,IF(16<d10<29,$d$4,if(d10<16,$d$5))) For the 1st and 3rd 'IF' logic statements, the result is returned correctly. When the second logic statement is met, the result is 'False'. The table shows what I'm trying to do: <tbody> <tbody> DISTRIBUTION...
  4. P

    Macro with Multiple If Statements

    Hello, I would like some help in creating a button macro for a spreadsheet that is essentially a user form. The form has four cells in which the user enters requested information in cells B6, B8, B10, or B12. Not all of the cells require a number. When the user clicks on the button, I would...
  5. C

    Using multiple IF functions?

    Hi all, I've created a spreadsheet for work to show job completion dates. I have 3 columns with the following headers: Job Completion date Job Deadline date Overdue? I want a formula that can show whether a job is still on time or overdue, but also returning text saying "Not yet completed" if...
  6. S

    Excel VBA If statement with multiple conditions (Can I use Vlookup here?)

    Hello Excel experts, I am new to excel VBA, I have a query using multiple IF statement and copying the result on another sheet, I tried Vlookup also, however nothing worked because there are multiple columns in 2nd sheet with the same name and different ColumnD, it looks code checks the first...
  7. E

    Using an IF Formula to bring back mulitple categories

    Hello I believe I am on Excel 2007-2010 version. I am looking for guidance on creating a formula which can produce a result of 3 categories. I have a list of querys which all have the amount of days aged against them from receipt. In my spreadsheet this is Comlumn L. I would like to create...
  8. C

    Combining multiple IF statements to result in a date

    Hello! I have almost finished my spreadsheet project that I was working on, yesterday. I've hit one final snag, though. I need to auto-populate a couple of dates that result from calculations and multiple IF statements, and I would VERY much like to combine all of these conditions into one...
  9. U

    IF Statement Help! Tiered Question

    A B C D E F <colgroup><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> Goal Stretch Goal 1 (5) Stretch Goal 2 (10) Stretch Goal 3 (15) Actual Store 1 19 20 21 22 25 Store 2 29 31 32 33 35 Store 3 8 9 10 11 16 </tbody> The End Result Needed: If...
  10. K

    Formula to check if one date is within a range of other dates?

    Sorry if I don't explain this very well, I'll do my best- I need a formula in B1, which will check the date in A1 and tell me if it is within this week's dates. It will say 'This Week' if this is true. (eg. if A1 says: '30/12/2014' (or any other date from the current week) then it will say...
  11. Prevost

    Using multiple checks in single IF statement

    Hi There, Is there a way in VBA to use an IF statement and have multiple checks? So for example if I wanted to check a cell value for one of several string segments, could I do that with one if statement? I could do multiple ELSEIF statements or multiple CASE statements, but I thought it would...

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