multiple instances

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    Find last of multiple entries

    Do While ia < 16383 'limited to how many columns are available to be populated ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select 'shift cell to seach If ActiveCell.Value = SN Then ia = ia + 1 'counter for columns Do While ib < 13...
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    ShellExecute Excel 2010 64-bit doesn't start fresh copy of Excel

    I have a process that runs all day, gathering data from the web, storing that data on an xlsx file, closing that file, and starting another xlsm book that further process the data while the original process goes back for more collection ( collection of other "parts" of the whole range of data...
  3. T

    Excel 2003 on Vista / Multiple Instances

    I apologize in advance if this has already been addressed and I just couldn't find the answer by searching for it... I have Excel 2003 and Vista 64 bit (which actually seems to matter here). I click a spreadsheet and it opens OK. I click another spreadsheet on my desktop and it opens in the...
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    Multiple Instance of Excel

    Hey guys, I am working on an application for a monthly sports tournament that I run. There are three workbooks to this application: the Administration workbook, the Bracket workbook, and the Leaderboard workbook. I currently have a dual monitor setup (extended, not clone) with my laptop in...

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