multiple loops

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    VBA - How to complete one loop before beginning another

    I have a code that searches Sheet1 ("Location") for certain criteria and populates Sheet2 ("Supply Usage Form") with that data. This works fine, after looping through all the rows on Sheet1, I need the code to loop through all the newly added data in Sheet2 for duplicates, combine the rows and...
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    Moving Data From One Worksheet to Another Worksheet using VBA

    Hello - I'm attempting to convert column data to row data. I currently have 16 columns and I would like to shrink this down to 6 columns. I have about 20 hours experience working with VBA and I'm stuck. Any guidance would be most appreciated. The current headers and layout is as follows...
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    Multiple loops in one macro

    Can you have multiple loops in one macro that does different things. If so, how can you end one loop to start the other loop.. I tried using the work loop but it gives me an error.
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    Create as many levels of a loop as there are dimensions of a string

    *Edit* sorry the title should have been: Create as many levels of a loop as there are dimensions of an array Sorry for the confusion! --- Hi, This is somewhat difficult to explain, but please look at the following UDF: Public Function ConcSep_Array(InArray() As Variant, Optional Sep As...

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