multiple names

  1. MrManBoy

    Split full name w/single and multiple middle names

    Hi All, Problem: I have a data-set that has a list of full names. Splitting the first and last name is fine enough however, some of the names have multiple names between first and last name. Looking for a way (preferably w/a formula),that splits these multiple names as well splitting first and...
  2. J

    If Function

    I need Help, I Have 3 Sales People who I want to calculate their Percentages on their deals. So if A1 = Jessica than I want B1 to = 20 Daniel than I want B1 to = 40 Olivia than I want B1 to = 40 Also, If I continue to add more sales people at different percentages, whats your suggestions...
  3. T

    Named Ranges with Blank Names and Multiple Names

    I have a WB that contains several worksheets. I am using named ranges in several formulas in order to make the data dynamic. It appears there may be some corruption since I now when I pull up the Name Tool (using Insert, Name, Define) the first few lines have a blank name and the "Refers to:"...

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