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    Need help to find number between multiple range

    Hello Everyone, I have a following data table Batch No. Starting Ending 1 to 10 1 10 11 to 20 11 20 21 to 30 21 30 31 to 40 31 40 I am looking for a formula which would return the matched Batch no. depend on input value. For example, if i put 15 then the result should be...
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    Cell change by selection Error

    I have the following code that won't work. Ideally, I would like for any cell in column Q in the chart to toggle values from "" to "P" upon selection. Also I need Range("L5") to toggle 5 different values upon selection Please see code below. Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target...
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    Find empty cells in multiple range of cells

    HI, I am trying to build a checklist wherein user inputs a string in column A within the following ranges A6:A8, A10:A14, A16:A18 and A20:A23. I can also name these ranges as Sec1, Sec2, Sec3, and Sec4 for easy reference in the code. I am trying to get a vba code that would check if all the...
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    Vlookup for Multiple Rows Ranges

    Hello Friends, I am trying to write a vlookup formula on a sheet that contains large data for all the months. Every month has same number of consumers. <tbody> Consumer No. Month Value 1 Jan abc 2 Jan def 3 Jan ghi 1 Feb jkl 2 Feb mno 3 Feb pqr 1 Mar stu 2 Mar vwx 3 Mar isp...
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    AverageIfs with multiple criteria and multiple ranges

    Hello all, Thank you in advance for any assistance!!! :) I've created a scorecard that tracks performance for one of our patient follow-up teams. I am attempting to track patient satisfaction over time. Successfully generated a result with an AverageIfs function with two criteria...
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    Copy, past special values, offset 1 column for multiple ranges.

    I am trying to take multiple ranges and essentially copy, paste special values one column over to the left. I’ve tried a few approaches, the lines with apostrophe in front are my failed attempts. Any help is much appreciated. Sub CopyRange_MoveLeft () Dim rngUnion As Range, rng1 As Range...
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    Compare Range of Cells with another Range of Cells

    Hi, I want to compare a range of cells with another range and am given how many of the cells correspond horizontally to the other range of cells. If for example I have this ABC ABC DEG DFG DEF DEF DFA DFB It would return that I have 2 since only 2 lines are like each...
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    VBA to search Multiple Cells for Multiple Values in Multiple Rows to Compare and Add missing Values if Necessary

    The issue I am having has me perplexed and I can't seem to get it right. Maybe I have just been looking at it too long. I have a list of cells that are item numbered. These item numbers range from 1000 - 10000. Each item number contains data relevant to that item. What I am trying to do is...
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    Updating Multiple Range

    Hi there, I need to have e multiple range that is updating itself with each spinning of the loop. Something like this (skipping the unimportant parts): Dim UnionRng, SlectRng as Range Set UnionRng = Nothing For j = 1 To 50 SelectCol = j + 20 Set SelectRng = Range(Cells(2...

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