multiple recipients

  1. K

    Errors with sending different pdf attachments to different recipients - VBA

    Hello all, I'm attempting to help a coworker automate part of her daily tasks. A PDF named in the same format is sent to different people about once per day. IE Person A gets his company's invoice, Person B gets his company's invoice...etc, etc. Invoices are all named in the same fashion -...
  2. A

    macro to send from Excel a unique email with recipients defined in cells via Microsoft Outlook

    Hi all, I am trying to send from Excel a unique email with recipients defined in cells from D6 to D50 via Microsoft Outlook. Could you please anyone help me with the code? I would like to have a button that automatically send this email. The email should be unique and the recipients should...
  3. S

    Email from excel

    I have found a program that will allow me to send an email from excel to people. I have been playing with it and i have tested it, and it works. However what i am trying to build is a program in VBA that will build an email address. lets say A1 is first name. B2 is last name. and attach that to...
  4. M

    Help modify macro to send 1 email to multiple recipients listed on active sheet

    I found this macro code VBA code to convert excel to pdf and email it as attachment that PDFs an excel sheet, attaches it to an email and sends it out. And it works great. I'm looking for one modification. I want my recipient list to be of email addresses in range B46:B60 that are on a sheet...
  5. Phendrena

    Multiple Recepients - Lotus Notes

    I have the following code that sends an email from an excel userform. I would like to include multiple recepients. As you can see from the code the SendTo, CC & BCC fields are completed based on what subject line the user chooses. In several cases the SendTo, CC & BCC fields are all used...

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