multiple references

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    Referencing Multiple Columns

    I am trying to sum up stock that was received in a given month to each individual location. I can't do a vlookup because the same item might hit multiple locations and not give me the correct quantity received in at that location. I have two separate worksheets. One worksheet is a summary of...
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    Multiple Referencing Between Workbooks

    Hi, Recently my boss has requested I take on a job which my predecessor used to do which is meter reading. I'm happy to do this as its a very simple task but it is very time consuming, this is because on the site I work on there are multiple tenants who require a separate workbook for their...
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    Conditional Formatting with multiple references

    Hi all, I am working in a receiving room at a condo complex and am trying to facilitate how we handle and distribute the packages. What I have in the first sheet of my would-be file is the unit numbers in a 28X12 array (12 units on 28 floors). I would like to make the array conditionally...
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    Reference cells from 3000 seperate PO.xls to single Workbook

    I am trying to consolidate multiple PO's into a single sheet. Currently my PO are saved as follows NQ_PO 1.xls NQ_PO 2.xls NQ_PO 3.xls etc. ='J:\Excel Purchase Order Files\2007-2009\[NQ_PO 1.xls]Sheet1'!C6 I referenced one file, but it wants me to "Update Values: NQ_PO 2.xls" when I copy the...
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    Multiple References in the same Cell

    hI There, Please can someone help here... I have data on 1 spreadsheet that indicates a person's performance as a score, and their potential as a score. On a seperate sheet, I have a plotted table, with values on the X axis escalating from 0.0 to 4 in 0.1 intervals, and on the Y axis from 0 to...

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