multiply by constant

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    Entered Cell value to multiply based on target cell value.

    Hi, I am trying to work out how to multiply certain fields on a spreadsheet based on the value of a target cell. For example: D2= 56 (however this value will change on a daily basis) Value entered into D23 is 2, however will automatically change to 112. I need this to happen in numerous...
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    VBA - Error 13 - Type mismatch

    Hi, I have this macro which looks for the unit 'ps' in Column Y and multiplies 1E+12 with the corresponding data in column AC. When it tries to multiply 1E+12, it throws a type mismatch error. Below is the code. Sub Multiply_Tdata() ' ' Change the value of the data (AC) column - multiply by...
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    Formula Help Needed ASAP!

    The following is a small sample from a spreadsheet I am constructing. I would like if someone could tell me what formula to put in the cells in Column E so that I can copy it to all cells in Column E and get the right results. Here are the results I need: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 315pt...

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