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    Multiplying entire columns

    Is there a way to multiply every cell from Column D19 through D50 by their corresponding numbers in column G19 through G50 and adding the totals? i.e. =(D19*G19)+(D20*G20)+(D21*G21)+(D22*G22)+(D23*G23)+(D24*G24)+(D25*G25)+(D26*G26)...etc.? I'm doing it long-hand but thought there may be a way...
  2. A

    Taking a value from another sheet and multiplying (cost x hours) and combining days, weeks months

    Hello everyone, I have tried to make a sheet which has Resource, Task, Rate (I'd like this to be on another sheet, as it does not help here and is a lot of repetition) Also, right now the columns for hours are based on weeks, but i'd like to do it by days and then collapse by weeks, and...
  3. R

    Auto-calculate 2 column that contains numbers and words words

    Hi everyone, I've been using conventional method to do this and it's time consuming. I would like to total up 2 column. A multiply B to be exact. Below are some examples: Table 1 - Before totaling up: <table dir="ltr" border="1" bordercolor="#05ad00" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="1"...

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