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    Using Vlookup/If to extract values from one named cell in a big data spread sheet

    Hi, I am wondering how I can easily extract wanted data from a spread sheet that is connected to a SQL-database sorting values in random order. Lets say the data is sorted like his: (as you can see, they are not sorted with same intervals all the time) 1 A E 2 Savings...
  2. L

    What it takes and how to be Excel MVP

    Hi Not for me, but I am just curious to know so I can sense what it takes to be MVP. How many hrs they spend each day on excel/vba etc. What was the most difficult things before you became MVP. How long it takes to master excel and/or vba before becoming mvp.
  3. P

    MrExcel MVP

    Hi MVPs What does it take to become a MrExcel MVP?? Any self-study resources?? I admire you, MrExcel MVPs Regards Patrick
  4. B

    Announcing Excel User Conference

    ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be an Excel User Conference May 1-3 in California. There are 3 instructors: Bob Umlas(me) (an Excel MVP), Tom Urtis (an Excel MVP), and Szilvia Juhasz (an Excel trainer). The location is either San Francisco or Los Angeles, still working out details. Please email me at...
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    apologies if this links to last post

    How can I copy over cell formatting within excel from one worksheet to another ...i can undertsand it not copying to word but excel to excel ....???? please help! I have tried more than 1 way of skinning this cat but it is getting the better of me! :confused::confused::(
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    Excel Consultant

    Hi. I am looking at a possible slight career change to become an Excel Consultant. I have been a business analyst for the last 15 years using Excel as a tool quite extensively and I have a few questions. 1. How do I formalise my Excel skills so I can cover all functionality - MCAS a good...

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