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    Custom RoundUp function Error

    The following RoundtoUp code is failing in few specific cases as compared with Excel RoundUp: Public Function RoundtoUp( _ ByVal myNum As Double, _ Optional ByVal myFac As Double = 1#) As Double RoundtoUp = (Fix(myNum * CDec(10# ^ myFac)) + IIf(myNum = Fix(myNum * CDec(10#...
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    Asymmetric Rounding "Rounding-Half-Down"

    While I have been able to code a function for Asymmetric Rounding "Rounding-Half-Up" (code attached). But, I am struggling with Asymmetric Rounding "Rounding-Half-Down" method. Public Function RoundHalfUpAsym( _ ByVal myNum As Double, _ ByVal myFac As Double) As Double...

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