1. L

    named range changed when I inserted a row

    Hi I named A1:A10 as myrange1. Then I inserted a empty row between row 2 and 3. To my surprised now myrange1 is actually A1:A11 ? Is that by design? if yes, then what is the point of naming range when I can not grante, it will point to the cells I want. Thank you
  2. R

    VBA variable error

    Dear all, I've written some VBA code to find a value in another spreadsheet and where that value occurs delete the row in the original However, I keep getting an "Object variable or With block variable not set". Can you help? Sub DeleteRows() Dim myRange1, v, f, a Set myRange1 =...
  3. A

    Timestamp Issues

    Hi MrExcel community, I've used the following code a few times to get a timestamp when a range of noncontiguous cells are populated. However, now I'm trying to get the timestamp to clear if any one of the populated cells within the range is cleared. Currently, the timestamp only clears if when...

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