1. C

    Close the save dialogue without breaking my VBA

    Excel 2010 So I have some complex (to me) VBA code that I retrieved from here: from user Nirvana_. The code's purpose is to look through a directory of excel files, and...
  2. B

    COUNTIF formula

    Does anyone have an inkling why when I use the COUNTIF formula in one cell to count specific items in a single column range of cells and it works, but when I create a second & third COUNTIF formula in the cells directly below the first and they each count specific items in the same single column...
  3. L

    Help with constraints in solver

    Hello again, this time I have a question regarding excel's "solver" add-in. Basically I want to hit a certain number which is the sum of some numbers times some other numbers. Here's the example: <X> A) 1 * (BLANK) B) 14 * (BLANK) C) 77 * (BLANK) I'm using solver to fill in the...

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