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    Merge 2 codes into 1

    Hi, Can you please advise the way to merge the following codes. Then i will have the 1 button the press to run both codes. Many Thanks for all your help. Sub LEADERBOARD() '' leaderboard Macro' Range("C1:F17").Copy Range("I1") Worksheets("HONDA SHEET").Range("C1:D17").Copy...
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    Set my range help please

    Evening, I have the code installed below but need advice for the correct way to writ something if i may ask. The part im stuck with is Set my Range, the sheet is called SOLD ITEMS & the range is C2:C35 Thanks Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()Dim myData Dim myStr As String Dim x As Integer...
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    VBA Remove Duplicates letters from cell

    Hi, I am trying to remove duplicate letters from cells, however the code below works fine on letters but when there are numbers involved it doesn't end well. What I would like to do is remove all duplicate letters from a cell even if there are numbers present. Can someone help with this. Sub...
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    VBA Merge cells comma delimited

    Hi, i am trying to merge cells together comma delimited, I am almost there but need help, Can someone help with this please. Sub MergeCommaDel() ' Dim objSelection, objCell As range, MyStr As String Application.ScreenUpdating = False On Error Resume Next Set objSelection =...

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