#n/a error

  1. R

    How to bypass the #N/A error for indirect array formula.

    Hi All, This is my first post. I have this array formula {=INDIRECT(Category)} I am trying to fetch the list of data from two different tables into B5:B25 as the number of data may increase in time. Here Category is a name of a table. In this Table there are two Categories, 1. Student 2...
  2. N

    Just Getting #N/A in cell after formula should pull data from other spreadsheet

    I am attempting to create a list based off employee identifiers. I really feel like my formula looks correct, and doesn't give me any formula errors. however, instead of the name of the employee found in column three of the source document, I get #N/A only. Is there something obviously wrong...
  3. P

    Proper syntax for IF Function

    I am trying to create the proper syntax to use the IF function for the following scenario. Cell B5 accepts a four-digit input value that I assign. This value is then broken up into four separate components in cells G5 to J5 using the VLOOKUP command to access a table I created on a separate...
  4. P

    How to work with the Lookups retuning #N/A in VBA?

    On Error GoTo HlookupFails If Application.WorksheetFunction.HLookup(cell.Offset(0, 1), Hierarchy_Sheet.UsedRange.Rows(1), 1, False) Then 'Currently getting error for #N/A values Is there a way to make it work without letting in err?
  5. K

    #N/A Error in Index/Match

    I am consistently receiving an #N/A Error when using an Index formula with Match. The formula I currently have is this: =INDEX(N2:N5,MATCH(L2,O2:O5,0)) <tbody> L M N O 4 A 3 4 V 4 5 M 5 5 D 6 </tbody> I want the formula to provide me the letter in column N which corresponds to...
  6. M

    VBA to Delete Range Based on #N/A not working

    Hello, I have an Excel 2010 worksheet with ranges of varying numbers of rows, with one row in each range populated by =vlookup from a table in a separate worksheet. The table will be populated with various values for different clients, meaning that several ranges will have #N/A errors at any...
  7. M

    Trying to work around blank cells posting as 0's in chart for moving forecast

    Hi all, I am building a forecast - and my super wants it to continue, in the chart, from the actual data, except with dotted lines. I am pulling the data from a cube, updated frequently, so I need the table and chart to self-maintain (i.e. I don't want to come in each day and update it, other...
  8. dukeofscouts

    Match fail in "EVALUATE FORMULA" and general fun, but works with "F9"???

    I've got a series of formulas in my cell that goes down my data, evaluates it to a list of Trues and Falses and then returns a value. Part of this is a MATCH formula that looks at an INDEX function which is returning 1 row from my data set. Most of the time this formula works PERFECTLY. However...
  9. R

    Data Validation/Indirect/Array

    Hey everyone, I have a task at my new job to create a searchable database of blueprints. Rather than using Sort/Filters and CTRL+F, I wanted to try to emulate a drop-down menu style search, such as looking for a car by selecting criteria and then having all the results display. In this case it's...
  10. C

    Cubeset function returns #N/A

    I am working on a new project using PowerPivot. I have five powerpivot tables and all work and refresh. Windows7. I get a #N/A error on this: =CUBESET("PowerPivot Data","[HSList].[HSDescription].children","test",0,"[HSList].[HSDescription]") But NOT on this: =CUBESET("PowerPivot...
  11. F

    Using find and replace to change #n/a to other value

    Hello all, Is this possible? I find myself usually ending up changing the values one by one. Is there a way of using the find/replace (ctrl+h) to look for the #N/A error and replace it with say just the number zero? All the best :D
  12. J

    How to ignore #N/A in the summation of a column

    Hello everybody. I am having a problem with a complicated workbook I have inherited at work. Currently, a cell with the formula =SUMIF(D$3:D$149,1,H$3:H$149) is returning a #N/A value because there are several #N/A cells in column H. How would I amend the formula to ignore any #N/A cells...
  13. E

    #N/A error when lookup value is blank and lookup vector has a blank with VLOOKUP

    I am using a VLOOKUP on a 2 column table array. Each value in column 1 has a corresponding value in column 2. However there is a case where in column1 I have a blank cell with the corresponding value for a cell that is blank cell. When my VLOOKUP formula encounters a blank cell for the Lookup...
  14. srizki


    =LOOKUP(9.99999999999999E+307,SEARCH('Cost Centers'!$A$2:$A$56,wind_svc_posted_time!E2),'Cost Centers'!$B$2:$B$56) How can I amend the above formula to avoid #N/A error Thanks

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