name change

  1. T

    Changing SheetTab name causes VBA to fail

    Hello everyone. It has been my understanding that if we referred to a sheet by its CodeName rather than its SheetTab name, then if someone renamed the sheet, it would not cause VBA to fail. With that thought in mind, I have the following code. The purpose of this macro is to open a second...
  2. S

    Remove Middle Initial from list of names with formula

    I have list of names in the format of Last Name, First Name Middle Initial. The problem is not every single name has a middle initial and I am looking to make a formula to put the names in First Name Last Name format. Here is the list and the formula I have so far: Extract first name formula...
  3. D

    Changing Name of worksheet or preferably workbook.

    Through VBA I am looking at changing the name of my workbook that I will send out to people, then having it sent back to me through a control button. The sending part is fine, but not the naming.... I got that from Microsoft (I know it is for worksheet, but I would prefer the the workbook name...
  4. J

    Copy and Paste With Name Change Using Cell Value

    Hello Everyone, Your help would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for some code that would copy some specific rows and paste them on the same sheet, one below the other, equal to a number put in a separate box. At the same time I would like to rename one of the cells in each copied groups...
  5. N

    Changing a Sub Procedure Name After the Fact

    Hello, I just renamed a sub procedure in a VB macro from "Sub DropDowns()" to "Sub ProbeSelect()". The macro is written to control a series of Form Control Combo Boxes (hence the name DropDowns) that were embedded in the worksheet (not on a Userform) but I changed a few of the Combo Boxes to...
  6. B

    Automatic name change

    I get data from several sources everyday, and input the data into my workbook. Each data source has a list of names and with this list of names comes a common difference everyday. For example: Site 1 data: Jim Beam Site 2 data: Jim Beam Jr. Site 3 data: Jim Beam Jr This occurs with several...
  7. K

    Line not executable on Sheets.New.Name (very novice)

    I apologize in advance for any noob poster mistakes - I am very novice, trying to edit an Access database. I am trying to upload .xlsx data by changing a hard-coded workbook and worksheet name to a more flexible one. The worksheet name includes a date that will be changing every time this is...
  8. A

    problem with the Sheet name, urgent help required

    Dear Friends, I am using a macro for formatting and sorting (based on a particular column value) for more than 1000 of files (wbk). The problem is i have to rename each time i run the macro in the code for the renamed "sheet1".Kindly suggest some way where i do not have to rename it every...
  9. E

    Cell Name = Sheet Name (Yes I have searched)

    Hello everyone... Here is what I have The first sheet is titled Totals - on this sheet I have a summary sheet of the data from the other sheets in the workbook. Cells A2 - A36 are 5 weeks worth of dates in text format (ie 10-1-11). Each daily sheet has the sheet name in G2 as...
  10. K


    Hi All! I'm using Excel 2003, and Windows XP, anyway i think this might be an easy question. I have a good file where I pulled some figures ranged in names based on a concatenate data on other tab. I've used "names" for the different ranges of data. The cells c$2 to C$4 are "criterias" used...

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