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  1. K

    Help with Breaking Down Names

    I have an exported file from a program that has the names of the parents of our students at school. One field has mothers name (ie: Smith, Jane) and one field has the fathers name (ie: Smith, Bob). I am needing to make two different fields....Short Salutation - Bob & Jane and a Long...
  2. A

    Name formatting in excel

    How can I switch a cell of "first middle last" to "last, first" in excel? the cells are different some have middle names and some don't. what is the general code. such as switching from thomas allen smith adam wilson amanda r smith to smith, thomas wilson, adam smith, amanda...
  3. D

    Swapping order of names

    I have a column of firstname and firstname lastname and need to change it to lastname, firstname and firstname. I've tried text to columns but because of the ones w/ multiple firstnames I cannot do it without alot of extra manipulating. Does anybody have a quick fix? For example the way...

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