name formatting

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    Can I separate cells with varying name data?

    I have an excel sheet that I need to separate out. I've already got the city/state issue solved, but I have a "name" cell that contains varying data ie) a1= Dr Joe Smith a2= dr and mrs john adams a3= mr greg j. Johnson I need to separate it out as simply as possible....any suggestions? I have...
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    Help with Breaking Down Names

    I have an exported file from a program that has the names of the parents of our students at school. One field has mothers name (ie: Smith, Jane) and one field has the fathers name (ie: Smith, Bob). I am needing to make two different fields....Short Salutation - Bob & Jane and a Long...
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    Within a cell, put data before comma after the comma and vice versa

    In our company's SharePoint Address Book, our display names are: Smith, John (ABC Inc.) When I view in Excel, I simply want to see John Smith. I was able to get rid of the (ABC Inc.) buy using the substitute function: i.e. =SUBSTITUTE(A1," (ABC Inc.)","") I do not know how to flip the...

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