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    Return highest value across multiple sheets as well as sheet name

    Hi all! I've been trying to get this one to work for a while now to no avail. I've googled and searched forums, tried all sorts of formulas and just keep running into walls and errors :( I have a workbook with multiple sheets of staff performance figures. Each staff member's sheet is the same...
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    Is it possible to delete cells rather than rows/columns?

    Is it possible to delete cells rather than rows/columns? I will have 2 columns of data (peoples names) what im wanting to do is be left with the same 2 columns of data WITHOUT the duplications. eg Current Names List......New List of Names Bloggs, Joe ................Smith, John Brown, Jim...
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    Dynamic Named Range not listed as Named Range

    It is my understanding that dynamic named ranges using the OFFSET() Function are not listed in the named range drop-down list on the toolbar. Is there a way to get around this? I need to be able to select the dyanmic named range in order to clear the range and paste an updated list in its...
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    Rolling List in Excel

    Hi there I'm sure it's a nice simple piece of code but I can't find it! I have a list of names on a sheet and am trying to make it a rolling rota, i.e. there is a name in a cell, you click a button and the name in the cell changes to the next name in the list, and when it gets to the bottom of...

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