named cell

  1. N

    Named Range is affected by cell movement.

    Hi, I am facing with an issue in excel which is giving me serious trouble. There is a named range in my workbook which changes its formula based on cell position. For example, whenever I am move my cursor from cell A1 to B1, in Sheet1 or any sheet, the named range formula also changes from...
  2. S

    Obtaining named cell from X # of workbooks in the same file path

    Let's see if I can articulate this and if someone can point me to the write thread. I wanted to see if I can do this on my own this weekend otherwise, I'll get our IT department involved (end of August). The purpose of this question is to see if I can pull the same named cell value from X...
  3. S

    Dynamically defined names

    Hello, I was looking into "dynamically defined names", but am not sure that's what will work for me... I have values changing in column A, and based on that value, the cells in column B (same row) should have a particular defined name. But there could be several possible dynamically defined...
  4. R

    COUNTIF and Named Cells

    I have a feeling I'm missing something obvious. I have some data in columns, where folk have a number that indicates their skill level (0, 1, 2 or 3) in a task. e.g. Name Level Jane 3 Bob 2 Emily 2 Rona 0 Molly 1 Brenda 3 I want to use COUNTIF...
  5. O

    Named Ranges

    So here is what I am trying to do. I have a drop down list that has a bunch of names. The names are Q3_2011, Q4_2011, Q1_2012, Q2_2012, Q3_2012, Q4_2012, Q1_2013, Q2_2013, Q3_2013, Q4_2013, Q1_2014, Q2_2014, Q3_2014, Q4_2014, Q1_2015, Q2_2015, Q3_2015, Q4_2015. I created two named ranges for...
  6. L

    Saving from a form to a named cell

    Is it possible to save information entered on a form to a named cell in a worksheet as opposed to in a range of adjacent cells? I am trying to use a form to populate a worksheet where the values stored will not be near one another. Can someone give me an example of what the code would look like...
  7. J

    Loop thru range to select value for named cell and then run a series of macros until the end of the list

    <tbody> I have a series of macros (MySQL selections) to pull data into and out of a workbook when I select a stock ticker from a drop down menu. On an individual basis this works fine. I am trying to automate this with a loop macro, but without success. In my current code...
  8. L

    Using Named Cell content value in VLookup formula

    Hi. I am trying to reference a named cell in a VLOOKUP formula as the table_array parameter. The Named Cell "Input1" contains a table array definition of '[Test.xls]Sheet1'!$H$10:$J$100 When I try VLOOKUP($D3,Input1,3,0) - This returns #N/A as a result. When I try...
  9. H

    how to sort named cells>

    I only saw one non-answer from 2008. When I sort a column based on cell data, the named cells don't move with the data. Am I missing something?
  10. F

    Excel Named cell

    Hi All I have a merged cell (Excel 2010) which I have named The problem is the name of the cell is now visible in the cell as well as the contents. Does any one know how to switch this off ???? Thanks Flaghippo
  11. B

    userform and named cell

    is there a way to make a textbox iput data to a named data? I cant seem to figure it out. What I have to far: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim iRow As Long Dim WS As Worksheet Set WS = Worksheets("DataSheet") 'copy the data to the database WS.Cells(3, 15).Value = Me.TextBox1.Value...
  12. B

    How to prevent somone from Changing the Name Range

    Hi, I have a excel workbook which has a number of name ranges within it which are regonized as part of a macro when it run. The problem i have is that when people fill it in they sometimes Cut&Paste cells over the named cell/range which causes the named range to be edited by the cell that...
  13. S

    Simple Listbox Question

    If I create a listbox how can I specify "named entries into the list". So say I have a 3 named range which comprise 4 different cells. So Range 1 = (A2:A4:A5:A7) Range 2 = (A3:A4:A6:A7) Range 3 = (A2:A5:A6:A8) If I want these ranges represented in the listbox as Range 1 =...
  14. H

    Excel Named Cells

    I have a workbook with 3 worksheets that all contain named cells. I use those cells in a roll up page; ie: in cell B4 I have =ArlingtonSMFTE, which references a cell on the third worksheet... I had to move the worksheets to a seperate workbook and then combined them back later. Now when I go to...

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