named cells

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    Return a List of Cell Names Based on Value

    Hi Folks, I am assessing the values of several thousand data sheets. So far, I am running a macro to conditionally highlight cells of specific values, then writing down the table location. I am trying to expedite the process by getting Excel to list the cell names for me. I named each cell...
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    Renaming cells across entire sheet

    Hi All, I have a workbook with a lot of hardcoded formulas, many referring to different sheets. In order to clarify the formulas, I retroactively changed some of the inputs to named cells. The formulas, however, still appear as numbered cell references, and not named cells - is there a...
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    Lock Cell range(Defined Names) but allow editing of cell content?

    Hey gang, I have developed an excel template that my company can use to calculate and format their KPI stats. My company desired that the presentation include a header and footer that were Word specific and outputting to PDF. So originally this process involved copying the cells from the Excel...
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    VBA to hide named cell areas in excel

    Hi All, Please help with a VBA to hide / unhide rows based on named cell areas. I have a dropdown button with the following options: New > 250 but <750 New >750 Existing >250 but <750 Existing >750 Ending I have the following named areas: Pricing : rows 36-57 Customer : rows 62-65 Payment ...
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    Name cell and use in formula (VBA Excel 2007)

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the following: I have a cell in Excel sheet that I define with a name. Next I want to use that specific cell in a VBA calculation, using that name. How can I write this code in VBA? as an example: calculate an average of a group of cells, then multiply that...
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    Pasting Worksheet with Named Cells into New Workbook

    OS: Win XP Office: 2007 I am having trouble copying and pasting a worksheet with named cells from one workbook to another. The named cells in the original workbook are scoped to the worksheet. The destination workbook includes several worksheets, 4 different summary sheets and a large number...

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