named formula

  1. V

    Named Formulas

    Hi, in case anybody should have wondered how to make use of named formulas: :) Cheers Vince
  2. S

    Dynamic use of named formula

    Hi.. We can use INDIRECT function for dynamic selection of cell reference or named range or range linking to cell, it is not working for named formula. Eg.. ABC, ACB, BAC are a named formulae.. The cell A3 is having dropdown list with texts "ABC","ACB","BAC". My requirement is that B3 shall...
  3. BigMoe

    Need help in shortening formula.

    *** I'm using Excel 2003 *** This is more of a general question because I don't have the whole formula 100% figured-out, but I would appreciate some direction on how to either make the formula below shorter (I've run into the Excel limit) or go about it in a more efficient way (without VBA...
  4. M

    Simple loop based on Defined Name

    I am having a problem with a simple loop that I want to run x number of times based upon a defined name in a worksheet. My defined name is Clients=counta($A:$A)-9 I have a macro that I am trying to execute that will copy a range down a number of times based upon the value found in the defined...
  5. C

    Copy named cells to evaluate diferent data.

    Hi all, im looking for a way of using named cells instead of nesting IF functions, im going to work with 2 BIG IF functions, in the case im working out I can use a VLOOKUP function but I need it for instructional purposes.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"...
  6. T

    Named Formula Usage in VBA

    I have a Named Formula in Excel 2007 called "CodeLookup" (ie CodeLookup refers to =ISNA(IF.........) that references a Product code value in a cell and then uses VLOOKUP on another worksheet in the same workbook to return a secondary product code. How can I do it all in one step? Can I do it in...
  7. L

    Referencing Values in cells to be used as Named Formulas

    Hello and thanks for your attention, I'm attempting to create a table with an auto-calculated formula column for some numbers, which has a different set of rules for several types of such formulas. Let's assume that Column A has the "Type", Column B has the original number and Column C has...
  8. J

    ROW() within SUM() not working in named formula in Excel 97

    Excel is driving me crazy. I've been working on a formula in Excel 97 that ended up being pretty complex. To make it easier to read I started breaking it down into pieces using named formulas (Insert > Name > Define). Now I'm hitting a roadblock with Excel's handling of named formulas...

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