named range blanks

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    Inserting blank line at the end of a named range copying the format a formulas from the prior line

    I'm new to VBA and am looking for some additional assistance. I saw a previous post similar to my question but it's not working. Here's where I'm at: - A7:N12 is a named range "trailer_req_lanes" A7:n8 are titles - A13:N17 is a named range "trail_prod_queue" A13:N14 are titles - A18:N21 is a...
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    Stuck in loop Tyring to paste multiple named ranges to a different sheet.

    Hi Guys, I'm pasting values from one sheet to another based on multiple named ranges. Woks great when pasting one column but when i add multiple ranges, UFFF!... Read below... General Overview: I have a sample workbook attached, there are (2) sheets of importance. First is the sheet...

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