names collection

  1. J

    Finding the average number of times a name appears in a list of names, for each name

    Greetings! Need a little help and any is appreciated. I have a workbook that basically contains a list of names, places traveled, and dates traveled from last year. So this means that there are duplicate names within the names column. My supervisor would like to take that names column...
  2. B

    More than 1 name for a range

    I use named ranges a lot both to identify particular ranges on a sheet, and as markers to identify certain properties of a sheet so that when an auto command happens, it can tailor what it does for the sheet. I have got to the stage whereby I cannot rely on a range - or individual cell - not...
  3. paipimenta

    Loading one workbooks Names(i) into another

    Hey Excel people, I've got a worksheet that end users fill out. Several of these files will be in one folder. I've got a separate report workbook that will select the folder with a dialog and load every file's data (marked with Named cells) into rows on my DataFarm sheet in the report...

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