naming tabs

  1. C

    Is it possible to auto name a tab within a workbook based on a cell reference?

    I have several budgeting workbooks in Excel 2003 that are used by my companies field staff to input data. The inputs they choose within the header creates a unique budget number and each tab within the workbook represents a single unique budget. I currently have the field staff "copying" and...
  2. zakasnak

    Tab color based on list

    Could I color the tabs based on a list in a sheet? I have a breakout code that breaks out a sheet into multiples: Sub CopyToNewSheetsByGroup2() Dim strName As String, i As Integer Dim UsedRng As Range, rng As Range, FRng As Range, R As Range, c As Range, sh As Worksheet Dim HdrBoo As...
  3. S

    Creating a new tab and tab name using data from another sheet

    I am trying to create new tabs in a workbook using data from sheet 1 in that same workbook. I would like each tab name to be the data that is in A1:A162, where A1 is the column heading. I tried the following macro but I kept getting error # 1004. Sub AddSheets() For Each TabName In...
  4. T

    Macro to identify & name tabs based on data in spreadsheet

    Here is my challenge. I am trying to build a macro that will take data and separate it on different tabs based on the date column. It may be the last 6, 12, or even 18 months depending on what the spreadsheet has. I need the macro to determine the names of the separate tabs that would just be...

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