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    Optimizing Web Scraping/Looping

    For starters, I am relatively new to VBA and adjusted the below code from a former co-workers code that pulled different info. I have looked around for a day or so and finally need the help from the masters. In col A I have a list of mutual funds and stocks that I need to pull the category...
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    IE Automation using Excel VBA (navigation issue)

    Hello, please help I'm trying to create macro which will pull data from site I was using this code for others projects. However, It's not working with I think the problem is in Set Element = .document.getElementsByName("searchText") Maybe I didn't choose...
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    Issues with VBA on Win7 64bit

    Hi everybody, I have read everywhere that many people had a trouble like the one I am going to tell you, but could not really find a solution that might fix my problem. Basically: I wrote an easy macro that opened, copied and pasted a given webpage on the active sheet. It has always worked...
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    No Source Code// Login Window Help

    I am having an issue trying to locate the USername/Password with code to enter my text. The javascript login page is a small window that pops up but contains no source code. How Can i locate the fields to enter my text?:(
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    update a web form

    Hey Everyone I am trying to use an existing webform to lookup and then update a record. The first thing I have done is opened the search page and populated the text box and submit the form. This then load the page with the record details which are presented in a prepopulated webform. It...

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