negative column

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    VBA for Value sign change

    I'm dealing with a dataset that has columns that should be negative values, often those values are pasted from a source file which has them as positive numbers, thus far I am doing a paste special with the mutiply operation having copied a "-1" to the clipboard. I'd really like to avoid the few...
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    Force to Negative Values

    I am dealing with a dataset that contains columns that will always be negative values, at times the person entering the data will in error type it as positive values, so i'd like to have VBA code that would force it to negative values so let's say Columns B, I, and P should always turn to...
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    VLOOKUP using NEGATIVE column ref #?

    I am trying to look up a value in a table that is found in a column that is LEFT of the referenced table but as we all know this does not work and returns #N/A. =VLOOKUP(D3,'sheet2'!B:M,-12,FALSE) So in other words I want to look up the value in D3 (which = text "ITU") in a table found in sheet...

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