negative time value

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    Pivot Table Not Displaying Negative Time Values

    Hi everyone I have a pivot that needs to show a planned journey time, actual journey time and then the variance. The problem I have is that the calculated field in the pivot won't display the negative values in the variance where the journey took less time than planned. It just displays...
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    Time sheet formula question

    I created a weekly time sheet to calculate my total hours worked, based off of an example I found online. It has been working very well for me for over a year. However, it just occurred to me recently that while the sheet is calculating "overtime hours", it does not calculate remaining hours to...
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    Charting negative time values

    I can't find a way to chart and display negative time values. I already changed my workbook to the 1904 date system and I am able to get a negative time to display in the cell but it doesn't transfer over to the chart. For example; I am using a simple bar chart and a -1:29 will display as a...

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