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    Distribute Cell values as compared to Negative excel values

    Distribute Black text values of excel as compared to Red Text values, In the below example I want to distribute 45+15 = 60 among 1,3,4,5 but the sum of 1,3,4,5 is 66 so it can distribute the values up to 60 It will choose to distribute the values from Max values to Min values, so I want the C...
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    Simple Tweak in excel converting Negative to Positive and changing FONT color

    I am using the following code to make all the negative value to positive Sub test() For Each Cell In Range("A1:Z10") If Cell.Value < 0 Then Cell.Value = Abs(Cell.Value) End If Next Cell End Sub I want that the converted negative values should be of font color RED. what should be the tweak...
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    How do you swap a minus to a plus

    I'm trying to do a balance sheet for rent, and I just need to know how to invert a minus into a plus sign to show that something is in credit? Basically where there is a negative value in the table above it actually means the customer is NOT in arrears and is actually in credit. Also...

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