nested function if

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    Concatenate cells if, values of another column are the same as above

    Hi, I am having a bit of trouble with a nested IF statement... Basically, I want column G to concatenate with the rows above it, IF, the values in column A are the same above. The number of values in column A varies from 2 - 9 so the formula I currently have doesn't work (pasted below)...
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    Nested IF functions to search for/report values in new cell

    I have cells that contain a citation which includes a date (e.g., 2013, 2014, or 2015). I'd like to search the cell and have the formula report which year is present in the cell. This is the formula I was trying to use, but it doesn't seem to be working: =IF(SEARCH("2013", C2) "2013"...
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    Nested IF Function not working! HELP!

    I have a sheet that can use three different RTD sources. I have the following IS statement that returns the correct data given what RTD feed is being used. =IF($B$98="BLOOMBERG";$C$134),IF($B$98="Reuters";$C$135; 'MV Data'!C4))*100 However, it does not work... Can anyone offer any help on...
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    Nested If arguments (Kindly resolve it without using AND & OR fromulas)

    <TBODY> Process</SPAN> Location</SPAN> Sal</SPAN> Formula</SPAN> Criteria</SPAN> Saler</SPAN> GNN</SPAN> Rs. 11,999.00</SPAN> Delhi</SPAN> 500</SPAN> Saler</SPAN> Delhi</SPAN> Rs. 15,978.00</SPAN> Sal<12000</SPAN> 600</SPAN> Ops</SPAN> Delhi</SPAN> Rs. 17,871.00</SPAN> HR</SPAN>...
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    IF( and COUNTIF( Problems

    I am working to create a tool that uses a dump sheet, and sheet that will be populated once the dump sheet is filled. I have 4 main catagories that i have used COUNTIF( to sort. Within each catagory there are 4 sub catagories. I have tried to do =if(Trade,"A")=countif(Catagory,"B"),"0")...
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    Internship Tracking Workbook w/IF Statements

    Hey Mr. Excel. I'm trying to create some nested functions if possible. I keep track of the types of internships we have available at my company and how many spots we're offering in a sheet in the attached workbook called Internship Report. Numbers from the first sheet, Internships, should be...

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