nested loops

  1. A

    VBA Codes to speed up nested loops (to generate 130.000+ rows)

    Dear VBA experts, I'm quite a beginner at VBA and am trying to solve a task at work. I did solve the task with VBA - but my codes needed more than 2 hours to generate the required result, which is 130.000+ rows * 50+ columns I will try to demonstrate my task in a simplified example as follow...
  2. A

    Nested For Each Loops -for each ws... for each cell... failing to loop worksheets

    Hello all! I've looked through pages and pages of searches here and across the web, and I'm back with no luck. Hoping someone will see something that I should be seeing. I am trying to perform nested loops and the outer loop (worksheets) isn't looping from ws to ws. When the macro is run, the...
  3. K

    VBA- Nested For Each Loop to Scrape HTML Data Table- If Error move to next cell

    Hey Mr. Excel peeps! I have been working for quite a while on a way to scrape data from an HTML table. I have been coming along further and further, but am stuck again. Thanks to John_w, (Thanks John_w!), I have edited my code with the following code below. I was running across an error after...
  4. E

    Nested Do Loops

    I have a double nested Do loop consisting of an outer and inner do loop. I'm having trouble passing values from the outer loop to the inner loop. A simplified version of my procedure is: Option Explicit Sub A() Dim t as integer t=0 Do lines of code Worksheets (1).Range("A1").Value = t Do...
  5. D

    Nested For Next loop with Vlookup

    I have found this site to be extremely helping in coding my first big excel vba project! Thank you! Using the website I have been able to answer most of my questions except this one! Maybe I am approaching it wrong?! I have 2 sheets in the same workbook -- Entry and Setup. Setup sheet...
  6. V

    Nested For Each loop won't work; can anyone help?

    I am trying to paste the same data onto each sheet in the workbook in the same places. I have recorded the actions for the first sheet and tried to loop through the others using a For Each loop. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the code? Sub worksheettest() Dim wbk As Workbook Dim wks As...
  7. A

    VBA for Userform - Nested-loops in OK_Click()

    At the moment, I am trying to extract some information from the userform and put that in the spreadsheet. Basically, I have 15 checkboxs in the userform. For each checkboxs(1,2,..., 15), it has a label and a combo box next to it. What I want to achieve is, if the checkbox is true, then it...
  8. P

    VBA: Using Nested Loops to expand a summarised table.

    Hi Everyone I would like to start off by saying I am a complete newbie to VBA. I have been trying to do this for hours now and just ended up confusing myself. As far as I can tell there needs to be a nested loop with some kind of variable inside a variable, but to be honest it's well beyond...
  9. J

    Problem with nested loops to filter and find max

    This VBA question deals with the same workbook and data set configuration that I mentioned in a previous thread... The basic idea of the code (big box at the...
  10. P

    Nested for loops in Excel

    Hey Everyone, I'm having difficulty with writing nested for loops in VBA. Could someone help me out just a little by giving me the equivalent of the following algorithm? for(i=1;i<200;i++) { for(j=1;j<1063;j++) { for(k=1;k<1063;k++) { if(table1(i,j)&&table1(i,k)!=0) {...
  11. E

    Nested Excel Logic Mindbender

    The basic problem I am working with is... "Here is a list in excel of everyone in the company (empl id in column A, supervisor id in column B)... Determine the Vice President that each person rolls up to." Everyone has ids and I have the list of VP's; the quirk is that while some may have a VP...

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