nesting formulas

  1. A

    nesting within AVERAGEIF

    I'm trying to take an average of the "Average" column depending on what the month in the "Date" column is. Date Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Average 1/12/2023 100 101 102 =mean(B2:D2) = 101 1/13/2023 103 104 105 =mean(B3:D3) = 103 2/12/2023 106 107 108 =mean(B4:D4) = 105 I'm trying...
  2. H

    Pulling text after finding its relative position

    Dear all, I am stuck trying to automate a report which contains long strings of data with about 60 different country codes variants. I have a column text based which is inconsistent, for example: 1) GUIDE, Paper congress 2564 US Zii 2) Geni Radio DOC RU, Team template What I need to do, is to...
  3. M

    Help to with nesting formulas.

    Hi, I have two formulas that I would like to combine into one if it’s possible. Formula 1. =IF('ROTA 1'!$C3="LAPSED","",RIGHT(IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("RTO",'ROTA 1'!E3)),"",'ROTA 1'!E3),9)) If cell E3 = (*)0655-1425 it will return 0655-1425 If cell E3 contains RTO it will gave a blank...
  4. C

    IF Statement

    Hi everyone. I know I may be missing a rookie link here, I'm just burned out at this point. Help. I'd like to name my Processed Count column based on the Completed Column. If there is no date in Completed, then the Days are assumed Open: Open 7 Days or Less, Open 8-14 Days, etc. If there's a...
  5. R

    Nesting Formulae with INDIRECT Function, Across Dynamic Sheets

    I'm trying to build a formula (in column G) that basically says, "If the worksheet that is named with the value of C2 on this worksheet has "Late" in the 2nd to Last Row, return Late. Otherwise, return the value of the Last Row." My challenges are: The sheets that I'd be searching on are...
  6. Y

    Sumproduct of Sumproduct / or / Sumproduct of Sumifs

    Hello guys, I have been working on a file for quite sometime, and I finally hit the wall. I simply cannot find a workaround to the following question. I have an original table that i was able to summarize using index(match) so now the new table looks something like this <tbody> Product Prod...
  7. D

    Nesting formula

    I have two formulas I would like to combine. The first is standard =vlookup(a1,b1:q23,1,0) the second is looking for a.. 'has more perhaps but at least contains this text' =IF(ISERR(FIND("TOTAL OF PAYMENTS",N:N)),"FALSE",INPUT!N230) The combined result I believe should look something...
  8. O

    Nested OR in an IF statement, possibly parenthesis issue?

    Hi all, thank you for reading. I am working with a large date set and I need to identify all of the cells in a certain row that start with a vowel. I have created a new column next to the column in question and entered this statement: IF(Left(A1,1) = OR("a","e","i","o","u"), "vowel", " ")...
  9. D

    Nesting Index and Match Function

    Hi friends, I have a formula that works, however I am not able to nest this formula to get more conditions. This could be very easy or a bit tricky. I have the following formula that looks up all the records for an ID belonging to a particular territory: =(INDEX('[IA Territory Dashboard...
  10. C

    Best approach to nesting formulas for a beginner?

    I am understanding many new functions and can get them to work on an individual basis. I feel able to follow to some degree the nested formulas but always struggle, to repeat them myself, even using the function button with limited guidance built in. Is this just something that comes easy...
  11. E

    Nesting IF's Limit

    Dear Forum, I am categorizing my different business units based on net sales. I have set different criterias depending on the business unit name and 3 sale intervalls. Now I get an error that I cannot add another IF function for my last business unit. So, my question is if I somehow can shorten...
  12. G

    Nesting Countif and getpivotdata

    Hi, I am having problems with my report generation, earlier we were using multiple pivots to build a single report, which was time consuming. I have sorted out most of the problems by building a single pivot and using getpivotdata. But one of the few problems I have now is with getting the...
  13. A

    How do I count unique values in pivot table Excel 2010

    Is there a formula that will calculate unique values in a pivot table? I will need a formula that can be refreshed and automaticall capture changes on a weekly basis? I will need the count of unique customers by mgr email. I added a count on customer name and showed the value as "index"...
  14. M

    Nesting Formulas

    Need some assistance with nesting formulas. We perform reconciliation using an SQL-based system. We then use a MS Access based report system to view various reports. We don’t have access codes to perform any queries outside of the canned reports, so we use the closest canned report, save it as a...
  15. P

    Nesting the large formula inside a cell formula

    Hey, Needed some help with nesting some formula. Suppose I have a row like this: <pre> A B C D E F 1 apple mango orange guava banana 2 2 4 1 5 5 </pre> a) Now, if I want to return the...
  16. M

    Help with nesting IF statements

    I am working on a project calendar, i.e Weeks v. tasks As a task is started I want to get the cell relevant to that task and that week to show "Y" and turn RED. I am using the following statement in each cell to do that, =IF(AND(G8>=$E$21,G8<=$F$21),"Y","") where G8 is the current date, E21 is...
  17. N

    Help with inserting Excel formula into VBA code

    I found the following code on this site that does exactly what I want. It counts the number of rows in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:State w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Col</st1:place></st1:State> A and then copies the value of the formula...

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