nesting if statement

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    more level of nesting

    I had excell 2007 and i upgrade to 2016. everything was working fine with 2007 and also excell 365 i have this nesting and how i can change to be able to used with excell 2016 =(IF(G3="STORAGE 1",".666666666",(IF(G3="STORAGE 2",".80",(IF(G3="TRANSPORTATION",".80",(IF(G3="STORAGE...
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    Nesting Issue on If statement

    I 24 Team members that I have to place into a schedule. I have 182 cells that this has to process thorough. in the schedule I want to place a #1 through 24 in cells and when I do it turns another cell to state TM 1 through TM 24 I ran into a nesting issue when getting past 10 TM here is what...
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    nesting if and for to loops

    I'm having trouble nesting loops! How do I nest an "if statement" into a "for to" statement? Can anyone point me to a good place to check my nesting loops? I'm essentially trying to populate a master list of numbers (z,1) by using matching criteria between two other lists. If two cells of...
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    Nesting Statements with Data Validation

    Hello- Can anyone help me with a nesting statement that I am trying to work into the Data Validation Source and I can't seem to get around the error. I have 5 IF statements in Sheet1 that I am trying work into the Data Validation Source. So my formula should be: =IF($AM$16="South...
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    Nesting IF, AND, OR formulas

    So here is what I have that is not working =IF(AND(G5<10),"10"), IF(AND(G5>40),"40") And here is what I want it to do if G5 is < 10 then = 10, if > 40 = 40, if between >10<40, G4*.55 Any help would be AWESOME!
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    :confused: Hi! Below is my discrepency.. IF cell is <=.09, .09 should be the outcome. IF <NOBR>cell</NOBR> is >.09 but <=.33, .33 should be the outcome. IF cell is >.33 but <=.67, .67 should be the outcome. IF cell is >.67 but <=.99, .09 should be the outcome. If cell is = 0, .09 should be...

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