net present value

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    Calculating the net present value with semi annual costs

    Hey, i am a student at the university of utrecht and i have calculated the net present value of several projects successfully and have been asked to do so again. I realised that i keep rebuilding the excel sheet i use to do that for one reason, i cant find a way to add the initial investment...
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    Cash Flow Analysis, trouble with assigning buttons, trouble all around.

    This is the first part of my assignment. I am about to go crazy because I cannot figure out how to do any of this. I know how to go to VBA and create the subroutine, but after that i'm pretty much lost. Anyone have any ideas. I am extremely desperate! I just need something to look at to learn...
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    NPV works well with excel???

    Hi Somebody told me that the NPV formula used by Excel doesn´t calculate the value correctely. Is this true??? I´m trying to calculate the NPV for this cash flow, Investment: -10.000 1st period 1.000 2nd period 3.000 3rd period 3.500 4th period 4.500 5th period 10.000 Rate: 2%...

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