network drive

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    Links only updated when [check status] is clicked

    Hi, I have one destination workbook open on PC#1 (Windows 10) The workbook has links to two source workbooks open on two networked (wifi) laptops (Windows 10) PC#2 and PC#3. I'm using the current version of Excel 365 (on all three computers). For the cells of the destination workbook to be...
  2. L

    Excel to log name, date and time somebody accessed a report on a network drive....

    Hi, I’m looking for help logging in Excel, using VBA to log in ahidden sheet the username, date and time logged in and logged out of reports inshared locations. I know a solution exists because I’ve used one before, but Ican’t for the life of me remember how I did it… Does anybody have...
  3. D

    Save as in specific path given in cell

    Hello, I'm having error when trying to save a file. I have path to a shared drive location in C7 Then in cell C27 i have a date to be added to the file name And in cell C28 name of file to be added also as file name.. Worksheets("Control Panel").Activate Path = Range("C7") FileDate =...
  4. S

    Mkdir on network location causes a debug error

    I have two snippets of code that work just fine locally but seem to have issues when run over the network. When I run the code from within my LAN, it captures a directory location (Path), checks to see if that location exists, and if it doesn't, then make the correct directory tree. The...
  5. A

    Using an Item Master Report to create/automate dynamic tables for lookup functions

    I am able to generate an "Item Master Report" from my company's Oracle portal that shows all the available information about all of our products. At this point, the file is roughly 18,300 Rows and 131 Columns. I used a Power Query to delete irrelevant columns to cut the file down to 5.70 MB...
  6. H

    How do I export to the same network drive that we start from using vba in excel?

    This is my first post at Mr. Excel but I appreciate all the help I've received just doing searches. Alas, I'm not able to find an answer to this next question, possibly because I don't know the right words to use. Here's my dilemma, and then I'll post the code. In this part of our...
  7. L

    Excel On MAC .xlsm File Corruption

    I'm sorry in advanced if this has been answered before. I couldn't find the answer in past threads. I have an .xlsm file that calls the user name to help make a record of changes Function GetUserNameMac() As String Dim sMyScript As String sMyScript = "set userName to short user name of...
  8. V

    VBA Write to Logfile on Network - Only working for me?

    Hey everyone, first post here. I have a file that multiple users access on a shared network drive (sharepoint). I have this macro setup to update a .log file with the username and date/time when users open the file. Here's the logmessage code: Sub LogInfo(LogMessage As String) 'set path...
  9. R

    VBA to get cells from workbook on network drive very slow

    I'm fairly new to VBA in excel and have been going through several beginning books to try and accomplish getting values from closed workbooks on a network drive and populating them into my main Dashboard workbook. The only problem is they are for a running 13 months, so the files will change...
  10. T

    Reading from Closed Workbook Using Network Path

    Hello Experts! I'm having some trouble reading information from a closed workbook on a network drive. The problem seems to be caused by using the full drive path. When I tried using the drive letter (i.e. X:\Folder\File), it works. The problem is that each user can map to a different drive...
  11. B

    Map Network Drive/Security Requirements

    Hey all, I have been able to map a network drive of a sharepoint site after I logged into it successfully. I want to make it as painless as possible for other people however. I am using smart card credentials to access the sharepoint so the username and password functions do not work in this...
  12. R

    Excel 2007 changes external link drive formula references if file is loaded from the network

    I have a large worksheet with approximately 30 or so worksheets that we use for estimating large HVAC projects. I have a couple of external files that I use to easily update varying labor rates and to customize the large worksheet to each user's range of local or network printers (standard...
  13. S

    Insufficient system resources

    I’m getting an error message that says that my network drives are not accessible. “Insufficient system resources exist to complete the request.” I am running a macro in excel that takes a large amount of data and runs a loop witch filters the data by unit number, copies the filter area, pasts...
  14. D

    Connect to Access Database that is on a network drive requiring a username and password

    I am trying to figure out how to connect to an Access database that is on a network drive using vba in Excel. I have this working fine if the network drive is already mapped however some of the people that will be using the Excel front end do not have read or write access to the network drive so...
  15. G

    Help saving file to network location VBA

    sorry if posted in wrong place ive serched around and tryied various options but to no avail. i need to save a file accrossthe local network. i have set it up as a macro and works fine if saving on the same computer as the file was set up. i then copyied and changed the code to try make it...
  16. C

    Working with network drives

    Hi all, Is there a way to extract the current network drive (including server) and Dim as a string? Reason being all users are not necessarily on the same server and I want to Dim the full network path (including server) as a string if possible, as the full path is required for other pieces of...

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