1. ellyzadg

    Get minute difference between working days and hours

    Hi Everyone, Would like to seek for your help on how can I get minute difference between two dates considering working days and working hours Working days - Monday to Friday Working Hours - 8AM - 6PM Sample Scenario <tbody> Start Date Finished Date Desired Result in minutes 2/14/2018...
  2. K

    Networkdays w/ different hours

    I am using the formula below to calculate the elapsed time between a start time and end time with the working hours of 6:30am - 3:30pm and it will rule out weekend days (Saturday/Sunday). =IF(T2="","",(NETWORKDAYS(S2,T2,)-1)*("15:30"-"6:30")+MOD(T2,1)-MOD(S2,1)) S2 = start time, T2 = end...

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