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    Automatically populate a sheet from another sheet and print the same sheet multiple times.

    I am new to Excel. Cell A1 in "Sheet 1" has an autocomplete drop down menu of 1500 items. I have set things up such that when a selection is made in A1 it triggers the auto population of 10 other sheets (using VLOOKUP). I have a CLEAR ALL Button on "Sheet 1". This also resets data on the...
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    Cell Change Time Stamp

    I don't know if this is possible, but I thought I would give it a shot anyway. Is there a formula, or series of formulas that can show the last time a given cell was changed? Or at least, out of the choice of 2 cells, is there a formula that can show which one was updated most recently? (Must...
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    Importing information to a master file from several copy's of the same file

    I have a workbook with several worksheets that are all identical in structure and layout representing sales data fed to me from different stores. they all contain 3 distinct blocks of information made from a number of rows (containing different categories of sales) and columns (containing...
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    VLOOKUP not bringing back new data

    Hello. I hope someone can help - I've searched the internet numerous times and cannot locate the the answer thus far! I have a sheet which has a number of VLOOKUP functions that brings back personal details from an employee number (first name, last name, mobile phone number etc.). The sheet...
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    A formula that will pickup a new cell and exclude the prior cells

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to figure out a formula that will pickup the current month data automatically but at the same time exclude the prior months data. This will be done in a seperate summary tab from the source data tab. I should mention that this is a monthly report. So every month...
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    Add classification to new data in database

    Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble finding anything on the following problem i've been having: I have a database with about 20 columns spanning some 40 thousand rows, I will be adding about 3 o 4 thousand rows every week... The issue is that these rows do not contain all of the columns...
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    macro help adding new entries to a list

    Hey again, I'm trying to write a macro. Basically I have a set of data that I download every week. It is always in the same format with an ID in the leftmost column. Basically I want to just download the data and then run this macro and have it add the new data into a list. So as an...

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